8059 Stripper Templates

8059	Stripper Templates

Art.№: 8059


NEW! Jelly Rolls and other 2-1/2-inch fabric strip sets are quite the rage. You can use From Marti Michell Set B templates to cut squares, rectangles, half-square triangles, and Flying Geese units from Jelly Rolls and fat quarters. But what about more unique shapes?

The new 2-1/2-inch Stripper templates are the answer. Cut these shapes from pre-cut strips with virtually no waste: 
60-degree Diamond
45-degree Diamond
Equilateral Triangles
60-degree Conehead
Small Triangle that matches the hexagon for another "I Spy" size

BONUS! You can also use the Strippers templates with Set B and 2 1/2" strips to make 4" x 2" finished Flying Geese units and 9 5/8" finished size 8-pointed star blocks!

P.S. Our Log Cabin Ruler #8038 is perfect for Jelly Rolls, too - just place it on 2 1/2" strips and cut "logs" to perfect lengths!

P.P.S. Scroll down to see all the Strippity Do-Dahs! patterns you can use with 2-1/2" strips. Use the Strippers template set to make Inner City, Chevron Charm and Mini Mountains.

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