8114 Sashing Stars Set

8114 Sashing Stars Set

Art.№: 8114

Brand: Marti Michell

3 Multi-size Pieces: 2 triangle templates and 1 ruler for rotary cutting all the pieces you need to make sashing stars in 3 styles and 3 sizes.

Add the sparkle of sashing stars to any quilt with sashings and cornerstones. Use this set to cut all the pieces to make 2", 3" and 4" wide finished size sashing stars. Make regular stars, elongated stars and, if you combine both point styles, twinkling stars. The sashing ruler is 4-1/2" wide by 12-1/2" long -- perfect for 12" blocks, yet easily positioned on the end of any length strip (illustrated below: 2" by 12" finished). Cut matching sashing squares (cornerstones) with the ruler, too! Comes with instructions.

Marti used the Sashing Star Set for the sashings in her American Beauty block of the month quilt. We also made a bunch of cute projects for the From Marti and Me Club pattern "Smashing Sashings." A few of those are shown below.

And here she is in English and French describing a quick- and-easy quilt where the sashing stars do all the workd!

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