8955 Template Set M

8955	Template Set M

Art.№: 8955

Brand: Marti Michell

Template Set M, 5-Patch
5 pieces for cutting 7 shapes. Makes 12-inch blocks and other sizes. We were thinking "12-inch sampler blocks" when we developed Sets L and M. Use Set M to make five-patch blocks.

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There are 109 designs for 12" blocks using Sets L and M in Volume 4 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks.

If you love 5-patch blocks, you'll love Set S. Four pieces for cutting 10 shapes, you can make 6" blocks with Set S, or mix them with Set M to create even more 12" blocks. Scroll down for a link to Set S to get more information. Sets M & S are sold in a bundle if you're interested in purchasing both sets.

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